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This training is
Positive Intelligence® & Mental Fitness Foundations program.
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Stressed, overwhelmed, at the breaking point. I got myself into a quagmire. Productivity and achievement were THE goal; the ONLY path busy, busy, busy, taking on more, more, and more. I was stuck, drowning in a sea of tasks and responsibilities going nowhere.

The PQ Program gave me understanding on why I was thinking that way, intercepting those thoughts, and moving to a more positive, informed, intentional mind space.


My new goal is ‘peace’. Though It still feels strange sometimes, I’ve made so much progress in six months that I actually feel… peaceful! AND I’m making much more meaningful progress on the most important things to me. I would recommend the program for anyone hoping to take more control of their thoughts, relationships, and life. 

JC, Astrophysicist, CalTech

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Training offered for all humans: individuals, groups, teams, organizations.

Team and organizational programs available.

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