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Authenticity | Clarity | Momentum


our coaching approach

Authenticity, Clarity and Momentum represent pillars in exploring and developing the whole human being: professionally and personally; emotionally, physically and spiritually; and at work and home, at play and at rest. 


The pillars apply at micro and macro levels and to individuals, teams, departments and organizations. Articles and research cite these pillars as key elements contributing to our success as leaders and as human beings. For instance, knowing your own unique, clear and authentic purpose statement can help guide and fuel your momentum as a leader in your organization and in creating your ideal whole life by design.

Coaching helps you be more intentional, starting with the pause - those 60 minutes twice a month or so, where you stop everything to slow down. Here you leave any whirlwinds outside the door. We partner together to think, dream and reflect (there's a difference), and to design and step forward on your path with deeply authentic and clear intention. It's making space to do really important work that can be pivotal in evolving ourselves and our personal and professional lives.

Combined, Authenticity, Clarity and Momentum can be seen as effectively informing the progression of our coaching journey together. Here's how I define these words. You may have your own definition, and that is beautiful!


Showing up, evolving and living into our true self. Although we may stumble along the way, we strive to be clear on who we are and to keep learning and growing into our authentic best selves.


Being crystal clear and keeping front of mind our unique authenticity and clarity on what we really, really want to achieve. Authenticity and Clarity can be so strongly foundational. It can take time to establish this. Go slow to go better.


From a place of strong authenticity and clarity, we identify and deeply commit to the right goals. These give us traction as we enter a state of flow, generating momentum: a more easeful, effective and efficient state of forward progress.

our services

Individual Coaching

You and I work together to develop a bespoke coaching package. An exploration call confirms fit, form and function (what you want to accomplish). We typically engage for 6 to 12 months, meeting for 60 minutes twice a month. Ask your HR persons or your manager; coaching may be an approved expense through your work.

Organizational & Team Coaching 

I partner with client organizations and teams in co-creating tailored programs, including cultural and employee engagement initiatives, leadership team facilitation (i.e., visioning, mission and values; strategic planning; management best practices), and in coaching to help evolve high-value-creation teams. On larger projects, I work with associate coaching professionals and organizations. Programs can incorporate benchmarking surveys, assessments and other tools. 

Positive Intelligence® Training  

Through a proven technology-led, science-based approach, the Positive Intelligence program generates:

  • Peak performance

  • Peace of mind and wellbeing

  • Healthy relationships


A one-hour introductory webinar and paid 8-week programs are available at recurring dates throughout the year. Please contact me for pricing and the next available program dates.

Our 8-week program is the PQ Boost Camp, a breakthrough program targeting root level brain activation and mindset by developing the 3 Core Mental Fitness Muscles. You will learn and intensively practice to self-manage your brain's activation to:

  • Weaken your inner critics (Saboteurs) that live in our brain's limbic system (aka our monkey mind or lizard brain)

  • Boost access to your Sage powers living in our more evolved brain (Mid and Prefrontal Cortex). 


This is a transformational program for all us humans, in all ages, phases and stages. 

Positive next steps:

Register for the next webinar: Intro to Positive Intelligence & Mental Fitness

Then take the free 4-minute Saboteur Assessment.

Explore options for future Intro classes or the next 6-week Positive Intelligence Training.

Assessments & Tools
  • Psychometrics: Lumina Learning certified practitioner, including Lumina Spark, Coach & Teams. Other tools available include SDI 2.0 Core Strengths, MBTI, EQi.

  • Organizational, Culture & Leadership Development: Custom employee engagement and culture surveys; and SupportingLines High-Performance IndexTM and High-Performance FrameworkTM

  • 360 Feedback Programs: Custom Narrative 360 Reviews; Lumina Leader 360, SupportingLines 360 Leadership assessments

  • Methodologies:

    • Positive Intelligence® & Mental Fitness programs

    • Essential Impact: Excelerator CoachingTM System, Coach Approach to Facilitation

    • Symbolon-Method® Symbolon Reflection-Expert (Art4Reflection)

    • SupportingLines High-Performance IndexTM Assessment

    • Team Coaching Foundation Certification in building High-Value Teams (WBECS & Global Team Coaching Institute, GTCI)

  • Lean Continuous Improvement: As a Black Belt coach, Lean principles and methodologies may come into play where they may serve clients' coaching topics. (I also coach, facilitate and train in Lean Belt programs and initiatives through my long-time association with Ultreia Consulting Group.)


I collaborate with Lumina Learning, SupportingLines Institute, and Symbolon AG. I also partner with high-calibre associate coaches and other coaching organizations, client internal coaches, and work within government public service coaching programs. I am proud to serve as a leadership coach in the TED Fellows program.

Accessible Coaching

It is important to me that a percentage of my work is pro-bono and sliding scale to help make coaching accessible to more people. 

are you ready?

Coaching is a great expedition, not for the faint of heart or uncommitted. This is not a conversation, meeting; nor is it therapy, counselling, mentoring, consulting or training.

Progress is easier with a professional coach walking with you and disrupting your status quo (which can only be done from the outside). Your coach brings all that they are from experience and continuous learning. Your coach partners with you and is open and non-judgemental, co-creating safe and confidential space and time. Together, we'll challenge and stimulate you to be authentic, gain clarity and generate momentum. 

Know that coaching takes commitment and openness to self-compassion. It takes strong desire to learn, to grow. Are you willing transform who you are and how and what you do? The person that evolves with the help of coaching is not entirely the same person as when they started. 


You will hold yourself accountable to being fully present in the sessions and to the actions you design towards achieving your goals. Step by step.


It also helps to keep a sense of fun, humour, gratitude and wonder and to not take yourself too seriously.


Successful coaching comes through realizing that it starts with you. You are the expert in you and your life and work. You are fully capable. You have inner strengths and brilliance as yet untapped. And it takes self-awareness, valuing yourself and your development and knowing you deserve this.

Think about: What really matters? What are the possibilities? What seems impossible that might be possible? What might I regret not doing in a year? How might an objective, non-judgemental and professionally experienced coach partner help you?


Want to chat about what coaching could look like, see if there's a fit or are you ready to jump in? Simply connect and let's have an exploration call to take the first next step together.