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the leader within

Authenticity | Clarity | Momentum


what do you really want?

Are you a passionate STEAM* professional who:

  • Values a living a life of purpose and meaning, contributing to what really matters.

  • Desires to navigate with intention and in a way that is true to you.
  • Recognizes the impact of personal and professional development.
  • In mid- to late-career or newer to career and leadership.

They say, if you are searching for the one person that will change your life, look in the mirror. AND that does not mean you are alone or on your own.

Do you experience something like the following scenarios? What would it be like to NOT be feeling:

  • At sea, feeling lost, drifting or that something is missing?

  • As if in rough seas, overwhelmed, self-doubting, and unbalanced?

  • In foggy seas, no clear map of possible desirable destinations near or far?

What would it be like to:

  • Develop keen mental fitness, supporting performance, relationships and wellbeing?

  • Chart possibilities and courses with clarity and tied to what really matters?

  • Be confidently on course, aligned with your authenticity, purpose and values?

  • Evolve, lead and captain your own life personally and professionally?


Even in today's complexity, you have the capacity to grow and to both plot your own journey and be flexible, resilient, and balanced. And yes, what is in your control is up to you. And no, you don't have to navigate alone.

Are you ready to explore how partnering with the right coach can help provide that?

* STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math

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Toni Crow Leadership Coaching Executive Coaching Scotland Galloway


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How often do we pause to think through what we really, really want?

How can you intentionally and consciously evolve self-leadership of your whole life and in how you help others? What is the path in your next challenge, opportunity, stage?


Coaching is your special, dedicated, confidential time and space to think with a compassionate and challenging partner guide. Coaching can help evolve us, personally and professionally AND design and execute on the actions needed, one bite at a time. Essentially, you are here (current state) and want to get there (your desired future state or vision). 

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i believe

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I believe we can evolve leader within all of us, in the power of "slow down, to go better" and in the role authenticity and clarity can play in moving us forward with better balance, ease, meaning and effective impact.

I believe in discovering and continuously deepening these capacities at all levels and stages. I also believe this ongoing work naturally leads to traction and increasing momentum towards goals.

I believe in the power of our purpose, both as our guiding star and our motivating fuel. I believe that leaning into our values and authenticity creates flow. And I believe in having a clear end in mind—the vision—before moving to goal setting.

I believe in how powerful and empowering coaching can be and the ripple that can create in the lives of those around us and the wider world. 

I believe my diverse and ever-expanding background make me different as a coach in how much I bring to the table and how we may mix it up a little in experimenting with a variety of techniques. (Where you are open and where we agree it is in service to you.)

I’ve experienced many transitions, projects, roles and crossroads and no matter where you are in life, I can help you realize your goals. Authentic, present, and intuitive, I will challenge you, objectively and without judgment. My unique style blends compassion for the human dilemma with purpose-driven forward focus.

My clients appreciate we can talk the same language and share understanding in overlapping contexts and stories. 

I am fortunate to have this rich history to draw from, full of ups and learnings! Broad and deep across industries, geographies, cultures and operational areas. Including: 

  • Roles: Leader, team builder and project manager, adept in people empowerment, trust building, managing uncertainty, change and transformation.

  • Sectors: High tech and sciences, natural resources, financial services, manufacturing, higher education, government, non-profit, hospitality and retail, construction, creative, training and development.

  • Areas: Strategic planning, Lean continuous improvement, enterprise systems, business analysis, leadership development, facilitation, training.

  • Operations: HR/HCM from attraction through succession, sales operations, customer success, technical support and IT, software application development and SAAS.

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