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does this sound familiar?

I work with STEAM* professionals, geeky creatives and creative nerds.  


Maybe you identify as uber curious, a super-generalist, a thirsty learner, someone who appreciates variety and does not fit in typical boxes (social constructs anyway, so don't really exist).


If you Google "polymath", "multi-hyphenate", "multi-passionate", "multi-potentialite" and "multipod", do these terms resonate? What about, "Renaissance soul" (my favourite!)?

This could be who you are or how you are becoming aware of yourself. It can add confusion, frustration and complexity to navigating life, relationships and work. To understand yourself can add clarity, peace and capacity to navigate with greater focus, ease and flow.

There are variations or combinations of themes like these, in the challenges I've experienced and that my clients often bring to coaching.

  • Being in a soul-sucking place

  • Experiencing overloaded soul

  • Feeling like a lost soul

Soul-sucking: Unable to fully express who you are and leverage, grow and stretch your diverse talents, strengths and fascinations. Quality and doing your best suffer, as your heart's not in it and distractions pull you away. Maybe you are pressuring yourself to fit into something or it's an external pressure, your energy and passions are suppressed. 


Over loaded soul: Often all over the place, taking on too much, unsure which direction to turn or what possible destinations could be. Focus, prioritization, and decision making can suffer. This may be a double whammy from your own fascinations and passions and a symptom of the world and work you live in. Your energy and passions are in overdrive in a fractured and often frustrating way. 

Lost soul: Sometimes a byproduct of the first two, or an after effect during a transition time to find a better role or place. There can be a limbo-like or imposter phenomenon feeling, despite your ever expanding experience and knowledge, that not only are you unsure of yourself and what you want to do, you begin to question what on earth can I do?

Challenges like these can be at any stage in life, from starting out to mid-career to navigating semi-retirement. Whether self-motivated in your drive to expand and experiment, or induced by circumstances beyond your control, it can seem like crisis and periodic turning points for transition and change are more common for you than for others. 

I'd love you to know that you are not alone, and:

  • Having a non-linear career path and life enhances your capacities, diversity, resilience, adaptability and flexibility, and more. 

  • We Renaissance souls are becoming recognized for the value and myriad strengths we bring to relationships, teams, organizations, and the world. 

  • A mix of creatives, techies, generalists, specialists and generalist specialists is ideal in any team for both specialized and broad based-expertise.

  • You can figure out how to create what works for you in a way that brings more joy and balance, ease and flow.

* STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths

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Toni Crow Leadership Coaching Executive Coaching Scotland Galloway


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How often do we pause to think through what we really, really want? How much do we understand ourselves and our own minds? 

We are capable of so much more than we know! And we do not have to sacrifice our wellbeing with it. We can be in more ease and flow, with motivation, creativity, learning and less effortful effort.

How can developing our own self-awareness, and understanding the science and inner workings of our minds, support this transformation? What is the path of flow in your next challenge, opportunity, stage? 


Coaching is your special, dedicated, confidential time and space to think with a compassionate and challenging partner. Coaching can help evolve us, personally and professionally AND design and execute on the actions needed, one bite at a time. Learning about ourselves and our minds workings can boost and make easier this transformation. Essentially, you are here (current state) and want to get there (your desired future state or vision). 

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i am, 
i believe

Toni Crow Leadership Coaching Executive Coach Headshot

I have had a multipotentialite upbringing, education, career and am now a multi-certified coach. To give my story or bio would take too many pages. Throughout my life I would avoid answering the question, "what do you do?" When I answered it, I would start well, and eventually trail off as it seemed too much for people to have to listen to. 

[If you'd like to learn more about my story, have a boo at I am a multipod.]

I completed graduate studies at Royal Roads University achieving my Certified Executive Coach (CEC) designation and hold a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accreditation from International Coaching Federation (ICF). I am also a Positive Intelligence Coach of Mental Fitness, and I am a certified and practicing Lean Black Belt coach.


I apply all I am and I passionately expand my experiences and learning. For the past several years, my focus has been in myriad disciplines related to coaching: positive psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness, attention theory, mind training and management, teams and diversity, embodiment, existentialism, neurodivergence and so many related fields.

First and foremost, I hold my clients 100% capable. I believe in them, sometimes more than they believe in themselves—until they do!


I believe: we can all evolve and grow; slowing down helps us to go better; understanding how our brains work and building mental fitness is empowering, and that our authenticity and clarity is key to our forward momentum with more ease, flow and impact.

I believe in how pivotal coaching can be and the ripple that can create in the lives of those around us and the wider world. 

I've experienced my own transformations, many transitions, projects, roles and crossroads and no matter where you are in life, I can help you realize your goals. Authentic, present, and intuitive, I will challenge you, objectively and without judgment. My unique style blends compassion for the human dilemma with purpose-driven forward focus.

My clients appreciate we can talk similar languages and share understanding in overlapping contexts and stories. I am fortunate to have this rich history to draw from, full of ups and learnings! Broad and deep across industries, geographies, cultures and operational areas.

I believe my diverse background and multipotentialite way of being makes me different as a coach in how much I bring to the table and how we may mix it up a little in experimenting with a variety of techniques. I blend traditional coaching with Positive Intelligence® & Mental Fitness, bring in neuroscience, coaching with art, embodiment and somatic, and other methods and tools.


So, I invite you bring an open mind and be ready to experiment to open up new thinking.

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