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you have dreams and fears

You are a scientist, a techie, a creative. Maybe all three. You love learning, exploring, creating, bringing in more fun, expanding your confidence. You may be curious about how you can author more of your own story while being flexible, realistic and resilient.


So, you have dreams and fears. Neither are real. Yet. Chances are, if you don't take a shot on your dreams, well then the will the fears win?

You want to boldly go where you want to go, and stuff holds you back. [Stuff is a very technical term. It can be quite different for every person, from time to confidence to not knowing where to go first.] 

You miss 100% of the shots you never take.

~ Wayne Gretzky

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

~ Ferris Bueller


There's a reason these two quotes are popular. That's often the overarching hope or dream: that you won't miss it! That you'll take the shots.


The fear is you will miss it.


So much is going on in the world, life, work. It's all too easy to let life happen to you most of the time, rather than taking a more active role in your own destinies [I think we have many destinies]. You are ready to look around, to see and actively take the shots. But it's hard to find time to think, to get started, to keep going.


You may be stuck or spinning or have fuzzy goals or are simply looking for a sounding board.


Have you noticed that this is hard to do on your own. You are ready but procrastinate, daydream, ruminate, get distracted, get scared, feel tired.


Know this: Your brain actually gets in the way biologically: old patterns, imposter syndrome or your inner critic, limiting fears, stories and beliefs. These are very hard to clear up on your own - your brain does not like change, sees it as a threat, it takes too much energy, it's scary to mess with status quo, what if you miss the shot...


There is hope - your brain can change to support you and there is a process for this [spoiler: coaching helps. As long as you're committed, it can help a lot].

You are committed! Excited take the shots.

  • To get deeply aware. To know, what do I really want? How can I move on this in this in a way that makes sense for me? As who I am and truly want to be, not for who I think I should be.

  • To gain clarity of what this looks like, what's in the way, what will I regret looking back, what is the path forward? 

  • To create a real flow, forward in directions that are more of your own architecting. 

My grandmother would say, don't put your wishbone where your backbone ought to be. So, you know it takes commitment, an investment of time and incremental action, courageously stretching to be active in creating what you want in life. You're ready. 

Do. Or do not. There is no try.

~ Yoda

Another favourite quoteannoying for some of us, and true!


How would slowing it down for a moment make a difference? Looking around with a trusted, expert coach as your partner. Where are the shots? What do you not want to miss? What's stopping you? What could be different? Now. What will you do to make it so?

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Toni Crow Leadership Coaching Executive Coaching Scotland Galloway


If you think differently, make new choices, create new experiences and create new goals, that’s evolution. 

How often do you pause to think? To really think. To think differently and discover new capacities within yourself?  


How often do you even think about who you truly are and who you want to be? Or what you really want? How much do you understand yourself and your own mind? 

You are capable of so much more than you know! And you do not have to sacrifice your hopes or wellbeing with it. 

How can developing your self-awareness, and understanding the science and inner workings of your mind, support this transformation? What is the path of flow in your next challenge, opportunity, stage? How will you evolve? What steps are you willing to take? 


Coaching is your special, dedicated, confidential time and space to think with a compassionate, objective, non-judgmental and also challenging partner. Coaching is like your personal lighthouse, helping light the way until you can be your own lighthouse.


Coaching will help you remove barriers, get clear, evolve who you want to and can be, personally and professionally. One achievable step at a time.


Essentially, you are here (current state), want to be there (your desired future state or vision), and you are stuck or unclear on how to get there. 

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i am, 
i believe

Toni Crow Leadership Coaching Executive Coach Headshot

My life has been diverse, even nomadic at times. Early on I was exposed to getting outside my comfort zone. Not easy. I have no regrets. It has led me to where I am, where I feel I am meant to be, here and now.


To give my story or bio would take many paragraphs. Here are some relevant highlights or "Crow's notes", pun intended.


I completed graduate studies at Royal Roads University achieving my Certified Executive Coach (CEC) designation and hold a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accreditation from International Coaching Federation (ICF). I am also a Certified Positive Intelligence Coach of Mental Fitness training, a practicing Lean Black Belt coach, trainer and facilitator, and a bunch of other certifications and experience. 

I bring in positive psychology, applied neuroscience, mindfulness, attention theory, mental fitness (training and management of one's mind), team belonging and diversity, neurodivergence, embodiment, existentialism, ontological coaching, and many other related fields. I am passionate about how I can be informed and invest in myself, to walk the talk and keep expanding in the value I can bring.


I apply all I am. I love learning and passionately try new things. I proactively, consistently, and incrementally expand my comfort-zones. There's richness with that, less fear and more capacity to realize hopes and dreams into reality. 


Painfully shy a lot of my life, I learned to "cover", ventured forth anyway. I came to understand the paradox that this is both not easy and a lot easier than not going forth. But easier than the regrets, suffering, stress or whatever that I may forever subject myself to if I didn't. Easier in what it opens up!


What do I mean? Maybe a wee story...


How many know the fear of public speaking? You are not alone. This is the number one fear before death and was top of my hit list.


I pushed myself through presentations, from school and university through to senior roles at work. I'd lose sleep. I'd over prepare, and worry, sweat, ruminate and panic before, during and after. When it was over I'd collapse in relief, even cry! 


I finally decided enough! This is painful. This is holding me back. This fear does not deserve first place! I admire people who can do this with magnificence! I don't need to be them. I wanted to feel comfortable speaking as me, whatever that is. I researched. I invested in a three-day intensive course. I actively sought opportunities of public speaking and facilitation. I said yes to it all. I was honest with myself and any collaborators. I am not perfect. That's ok. I will do me, you can do you. I am comfortable with me as I am now. Public speaking is no longer a fear. I get a kind of nervous excitement, bring my best to it but prepare less. I trust myself and my audience more, and I look forward to it. It has opened up so much in me and for me. This is an example of the richness in my experience, when I boldly decide to leap and venture forth into creating a new reality and dispelling the fears and myths of the old.


I digress a bit. Or maybe not. My point is we can write more of our own story. 

First and foremost, I hold my clients 100% capable. I believe in you, sometimes more than you believe in yourself—until you do!


Are you ready to explore? I invite you to connect, bring your open mind and be ready to experiment and open up new thinking.

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