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Starting with why

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Where could your unique journey be taking you? Where might you want it to take you?

As I officially launch my website, I thought I'd introduce myself with a story around "why leadership coaching for me?"

In my Lean and management consulting work, there’s a great deal of coaching. So, to up my game and bring my clients more value, I set and achieved the 5-year goal of obtaining my Executive Coach designations through Royal Roads University and with the International Coaching Federation.

Since I began, two things surprised me: coaching can be way more empowering than I ever expected; and I love coaching people! Looking back, it feels as if my entire life and career has prepared me to be a leadership coach.

I talked with my own coach about the importance of this first article to me. I felt an anxious block around what to write. As we explored this, a parallel story emerged.

I’ve lived in 8 locations, across four countries, and had a total of about 20 different homes. We moved into our current home in 2001, when our son was 6 weeks old. The location was amazing, the house a quirky structure originally built in the 1930s and renovated with the best of the 1960s and 70s. We lovingly renovated over the course of 10 long years. I loved the process! I also agonized over details wanting everything to be perfect (like this article). I thought something was wrong with me as I got emotional over things like bathroom tiles and light fixtures. Close to the end I had a happy tearful epiphany. Although I had loved the adventures and learnings of my somewhat nomadic pre-life, this was the very first time I felt like I was really HOME! My agonizing shifted to wonder and appreciation.

My career has been similarly nomadic, and I value that. Now, as I set out on my executive and leadership coaching journey just prior to the Covid19 shutdown, something felt different. As I related to my coach, I am grateful for all that went before making me who I am today. I love how I’ve grown, with the support of many amazing mentors and coaches along the way (you know who you are and thank you!).

This is what’s different: for the very first time I feel like I’ve arrived HOME in my work. As I experienced this aha, I felt my anxiety lift to be replaced with a sense of joy and wonder. (This article now seems to be writing itself.)

My journey has been along a lush road of ups, oops and learnings. It feels like it was always a path to now. As the journey continues, I count some of the important “whys” I love coaching—in addition to feeling at home.

  1. I’m honoured by, and appreciative of, what I get to experience and learn with my clients. I am always inspired by them.

  2. I’m fascinated by how coaching is a valuable tool in becoming more aligned with our authentic selves, creating more of what we want that is meaningful in our lives.

  3. This field is perfect for a continuous learner like myself. (At time of writing, I’m jazzed by studying the interconnectedness of neuroscience and resiliency with both performance and well-being.)

  4. I am energized by the astounding capacity and capabilities within each and every one of us—and how coaching can help that shine.

So, this has been all about me. AND coaching is all about you!

What is your why and where could your unique journey be taking you? Where might you want it to take you?

Are you curious about how leadership coaching can serve you on your journey? Or your team as it evolves towards higher cohesion and performance? You can learn more about Toni Crow Leadership Coaching and our services here.

Author: Toni Crow, CEC PCC PQC, Toni Crow Leadership Coaching

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