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Toni Crow Leadership Coaching Executive Coach England

Client Stories

in the words of my clients.... what coaching was like and how they feel they benefitted

Authenticity | Clarity | Flow

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(Photos are often provided or selected by my clients.)
Claire B 2623209306749546405_o.jpg
Claire Baker

Head of Foundation, Kenya

I have really made a lot of progress in understanding myself, with your help and guidance. I wouldn’t have 

been able to get to where I am in terms of my self-confidence and focus, without your input.


I would love those I know and care about to have 

the same experience as I think it holds huge potential 

for everyone. You have a magic touch, making even the uncomfortable feel comfortable and answering seemingly impossible questions becomes doable.


No matter where you are in life and career, coaching invites new perspectives. If you are open to it, it will change you for the better (especially if you have as 

good a coach as I did)! Thank you!

Daniel K Photo.jpg
Daniel Kamanga

Founder & CEO, ALT Foundation, South Africa

In business, in life, exploring perspectives in what you are going through is always valuable. Our organization's resilience and pivoting of the Covid-year was not enough. 2021 needed fresh thinking.


Toni was the right coach at the right time. She partnered with me, stretched me and caused me to look at things differently.


In a few months, we were on track with critical governance issues as well as our fundraising strategy.


If you are going through personal or life transition, if you need clarity and momentum, or leadership coaching, I unhesitatingly recommend Toni.

Image by Gabriel P
Audrey Plé

Marketing Consultant & Coach, Canada

Rich and rewarding! I was delighted with how much ground we covered. One of our conversation threads created an unexpected spark for me that I am now actively and enthusiastically pursuing—I feel re-energized.


Toni is professional yet warm and down-to-earth; her real talents are rooted in her depth of understanding, skill, and genuine desire to help individuals improve their performance.


Insightful and intuitive, Toni can be relied on to listen, motivate, and become a trusted supporter. I strongly recommend Toni as an excellent leadership coach.

Image by Isaac Muraya
Vicky N

Entrepreneur, Kenya

The opportunity to have Toni as my coach came at a time when I needed it the most. I was going through a major life transition, and I was feeling lost and unsure. Having experienced some coaching in the past, I was hesitant if it would help, but it turned out better than I could have ever imagined. From the first conversation, I felt I was speaking to a long lost friend, just picking up from where we left off. Sessions were expertly and gently guided by Toni but ultimately led by me. She shared helpful articles, exercises and her own experiences, making the conversations that much more meaningful. With Toni’s coaching, I was able to find for myself a guiding star, a purpose, that truly resonates with who I am and where I want to go. It has been an intense and deeply rewarding experience. I could not have asked for a better coach. Thank you Toni!

Image by Andrew Hughes
Robert De Toni

Lawyer, Executive & Resilience Coach, Canada



I absolutely loved working with Toni.  

Her questions allowed me to gain clarity and focus in on what was truly important to me.  That guided me to the next step that deep down I knew I needed to take in both in life and in business.  


Thanks to Toni, I now have a solid plan going forward and things are falling in to place for me.

Emily M Rainbow.jpeg
Emily M

Executive Coach, Canada

Working with Toni left me feeling like a better leader, with better focus on my purpose and path I’ll take.

She is a fantastic facilitator, helping me unlock answers I had all along, she was the catalyst in moving me towards those answers and making changes thrusting me forward in next steps of the big changes I’ve been making. Toni is very helpful in having me pinpoint my agenda and adjusting as we progressed through the coaching process as my goals and focus shifted and adapted.

I feel equipped with tools to celebrate my achievements, and to keep forward momentum towards my goals and aspirations as I transition in career, and feel supported in the tools Toni helped me uncover.

Image by Martin Widenka
Oscar S

Entrepreneur, Canada

Working with Toni has been a quite wonderful journey. While being very professional and knowledgeable she is also compassionate and caring. 


Her guidance and the way she managed to ask questions helped me to discover for myself my own greatness as a parent, as a husband, as a friend and as an entrepreneur and leader.


I am extremely grateful to Toni. 

Image by Harshil Gudka
Andrea L

Operations Manager, Canada

Wow! My leadership coaching with Toni was fantastic!

From the beginning Toni made me feel very comfortable

as I worked to create a high level purpose statement and explore what my core values are.


Throughout Toni asks thought-provoking open-ended questions and by using her exceptional active listening skills, she repeats back what she heard before moving on.

Walking away from our time, I am invigorated.


Thanks to Toni’s professionalism and guidance, I feel ready to step outside of my comfort zone as I embark on my journey to work on planning and executing my short term goals and refining my core purpose.

Image by pina messina
Carolina M

Business Owner, Canada

Toni helped me change longstanding undesired habits in my life.


She always finds the questions to keep you moving forward and change what you need to.


It was my first time being coached and I saw results after the first session.


I also learned a lot about myself and know today I am very powerful and can do everything I want.

If you need an executive coach, I totally recommend Toni.

Cream Flower IMG_0243.jpg
Sharon T

Registered Nurse, Canada

Ever since meeting with you I have felt so much more positive and hopeful about the prospect of retirement!  


You helped me in identifying myself as a life-long learner - which rang true for me - I have been signing up for varied on-line talks. Everything from the future of farming to Christianity to the history of rap music! It has been so good to feel my brain come to life again.  


I was so stuck. It's like you were able to shine a light and help me to see so much more that is there and available to me that I wasn't seeing at all because of feeling anxious about it. 

Kathryn fave Photo IMG_0277.png
Kathryn M

Executive Coach

Toni's calm, deeply interested, and gentle style combines with a high level of coaching skills to create memorable and meaningful conversations.


When I floundered, her insightful questions helped me find clarity and focus. Toni used a variety of approaches to help me identify and achieve what I really needed from coaching.

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