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Would you like to be in more control of your mind to:
- Increase performance?
- Improve well-being?
- Strengthen relationships?

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our minds can be our best friend or our worst enemy

One definition of happiness is the percentage of time you feel in positive emotions. Who would not want that? What percentage of time do you spend in positive emotions? We call this percentage of being in positive vs. negative emotions the Positive Intelligence Quotient or PQ.

Negative emotions come from our survival brain, developed 180 million years ago. This part of our brain is useful as an alert to something we may need to pay attention to, based in real or perceived fears. However, we often stay in heightened negative feelings and thoughts far beyond the alert message. This keeps us in stress response, producing far more cortisol than we need, affecting breathing, blood pressure and other physiological impacts. Our habits, patterns, behaviours and actions come from tunnel vision and habit. 


When we stay in fearful survival mode, we are sabotaging our happiness and impacting our performance, wellbeing and relationships. Our inner critics - which we call Saboteurs - live in this place and can be our fiercest enemy. Saboteurs are directed by fear: old fears, current worries and apprehensions we will fail or be hurt in some way. Using this part of our brain, we more often find ourselves ruminating on the past, distracted in the present, and worrying about the future.


Did you know there's a wiser, more powerful and under used part of our brain? It's not something we learn about in school or university (yet) and so has a quieter voice overshadowed by our loud Saboteurs. We call this part of our brain our Sage mind. It generates our positive emotions, accesses calm, curious, creative sage wisdom and can be our far fiercer friend. 

With training and practice, we can build our mental fitness muscles to weaken the enemy (our Saboteurs) and strengthen our friend (our Sage mind). Neuroscience refers to this as mind management, in Mental Fitness we refer to our self-command.

The PQ mental fitness program is:

Scientifically designed to upgrade our internal operating systems to achieve measurable personal, team and organizational impact. 

Academically validated and 


Positive Intelligence® PQ Boost Camp

Spaces are limited, sign up today! 


Programs are limited to 6 participants. For groups of 5, if this session does not fit your schedule, please contact Toni Crow, PQ Coach, at to see if another day/time can be scheduled.

CAD$1595 [30% savings]

  • Instructor: PQ Coach Toni Crow, CEC, PCC

  • Session Dates: Tuesdays, MMM DD YYYY to MMM DD YYYY at 8:00 to 9:00 Pacific

  • Registration Deadline: MMM DD YYYY

PQ Boost Camp detail

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+ 6-week program (retail US$995/C$1300)

+ Info Session (prior to program start)

+ PQ Assessment

+ Saboteur Assessment

+ PQ app access

+ Includes Positive Intelligence book audible + PDF

+ 8 Weekly coach-led group check-in calls

+ Includes a one-on-one coached goal-setting session to maximize success 

+ 7 Weekly videos supporting your mental fitness development

+ 5 Daily notifications for exercises

+ Full year’s access to the Boost Camp in the PQ App

+ 2 free weeks of GROW (next level, in PQ App)

+ This is a 28% savings

+ Graduates this PQ Grow program qualify for additional next level learning and practice through an enhanced annual subscription C$400 (35% savings).

PQ Power Up

+ Includes PQ Boost Camp worth (retail US$995/C$1300)

+ Includes exploration coaching call to maximize success, worth $300

+ Plus 6 coaching calls worth $1,800 (valid 3 months, from Boost Camp start)

+ 6 months of GROW worth $300

+ Total Value of $3,100

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