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Toni Crow Leadership Coach Executive Coach Cheakamus Lake near Whistler British Columbia Canada

Coaching is

an advantage

studies indicate coaching decreases perceived stress
and increases resiliency,
well-being AND goal attainment
about you

Authenticity | Clarity | Momentum

about you

Essentially, you are "here" and you want to be "there". You're exploring coaching as a tool: to more efficiently get to who, how, what and where you want to be. Maybe you are seeking the best way forward in one of these scenarios or a different situation.

  • Honing my leadership skills

  • Enhancing my performance, individually and as part of my team

  • Navigating an important transition in my life or work

  • Evolving my "leader within" / self-leadership of my life, personally and at work

  • Gaining clarity on critical issues, strategy and traction on goals

  • Creating my life by design (not by default)

  • Shifting self-limiting beliefs to move forward and shine!

  • Surviving—and thriving—in light of everyday uncertainties


Coaching is a want, not a need. It's a way of gaining traction and momentum towards what you really want. It’s a way of investing in yourself. It benefits you and the people in your world. There’s nothing better.

about coaching

about coaching

Executive and leadership coaching emerged from positive psychology and diverged from therapy. It is present and forward-focused, grounded in psychology, neuroscience, and learning and development research. Collectively, I call it "leadership coaching" and it is one powerful way to help empower people in their lives. It was considered and remains an executive "perk". Today, coaching is leveraged by people at all levels, both through their work organizations and independently as individuals.


The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. John Whitmore describes coaching as "unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

Coaching helps us learn and think differently, clearing out self-limiting narratives, assumptions and beliefs, and opening up our capacities and new possibilities. 

I also like to think of coaching as a tool for you to nurture the leader within, of your whole life. It's about self-leadership and leadership in all contexts; as an individual, peer, family member and friend; as a leader or peer in groups, teams, departments and organizations.


Interested in an exploration call? To learn more about leadership coaching and its potential benefits, I invite you to reach out through our connect page.

about me

Toni & son, Beach Walk.jpeg

I am a multi-certified coach, including graduate studies at Royal Roads University achieving my Certified Executive Coach (CEC) designation and ACC accreditation from International Coaching Federation (ICF). I also hold a Bachelor of Science, am an actively practicing Lean Black Belt, and I continuously and passionately expand my learning in coaching and related fields.


Originally from Scotland and a child of the hippy era, today I live with my family in Vancouver, Canada. I love experiencing other cultures and have visited and worked in North and Central America, New Zealand and Europe. When not coaching, you'll find me gardening, practising yoga, drawing, exploring cities and towns, and enjoying nature walks. I'm a bit of a nerd, software geek, a bookworm and an ambivert. Simply connecting with people, especially one on one and in small groups, fills my bucket.


I feel honoured that I get to work with diverse people as their learning and thinking partner—to play even a small role in them tapping into their brilliance.


I love that coaching can help make a difference in people's lives and in organizations and how that can extend in beneficial ripples around the world. It is important to me to extend access to coaching with pro-bono and local market rates in other countries and contexts, such as in not-for profit. I am grateful for what I get to do and appreciatively express that in giving back a portion of all my earnings.

Clients tell me I am an open, trusted sounding board and immensely relatable.


Coaching fascinates me, especially its connection to what is emerging in the area of neuroscience and its positive impact on resilience. I've been called a polymath (and then had to look the word up) and my superpower is continuously learning and building on all that I am and bring—in service to me, my family and friends, and the human beings I partner with as a coach.


My passion is coaching: to be a catalyst for momentum by helping people and teams transform through self-discovery, clarity and empowerment to action.


My overarching purpose, in life and work, is to be a catalyst for helping create a world of "Feels like a Saturday" lives, one person at a time. I'd love to explore what that might mean and look like for you.

about me
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