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Toni Crow Leadership Coaching Executive Coach Mount Washington Vancouver Island


an invitation to take a walk through some words and try out some self-coaching questions

Authenticity | Clarity | Flow

an invitation

Below is a collection of quotes that spark something for me and I offer them here as they may spark something in you. Because I'm a coach and curious AND to give you a taste of the coach approach, I also offer questions that could inspire something brilliant in you. I invite you to pause and reflect on the words behind each photo on this page... 


  1. What resonates for you today (if anything)?

  2. From that resonance, what might be making sense for you?

  3. How may it inform you towards learning (or re-learning) something about yourself?

  4. From this learning, what one action or step might you commit to making?

Click on a photo below and tab through images to be inspired.*

*Note: Feature may not work in all browsers.

I'm just delighted that you've re-lit the Inspire section of your web page. I greatly appreciate this kindness and I want you to know that this is making a positive difference in my life.

~ Dawna H

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